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Rad Bamboo Ski Pole

Rad Bamboo Ski Pole

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Before you buy it is important to know, we craft custom length stocks to match your exact height. Please check the table below to calculate the size required!

Built with the freeride community in mind, The Rad range highlights the use of soft rubber BMX grips over the more orthodox handles of the Trads.

 -  Great for skiers who like to rip at the resort or in the backcountry, these grips allow for a variable length hold for technical ascents and wailing descents. Sometimes on those black steeps, a slightly shorter pole length makes all the difference…. 

-  Add on our non-slip extended grips for the full alpine touring experience  [email us for details]

For you Japow buffs and tree-skiing powder puffs, the Rad straps are fully removable to avoid those distracting dislocated shoulders when bushwhacking for stashes of the good stuff! And, as a consolation bonus, the choice of extra bright grip colours are great for signalling in the rescue helicopter, when things don’t go exactly to plan!!

Important: We craft custom length stocks to match your exact height. Please check the table to calculate the size required.

Shipping & Returns

Shipping cost is $15 for one to two pairs of stocks to cities in Australia.

{Please contact us for shipping rates to regional Australian areas}

Please contact us for shipping rates to New Zealand [cost is approx. $70- $130AU depending on location]

For all other international shipping destinations please contact us for a quote.


Calcutta Bamboo Poles

Australian-made polypropylene straps

Injection Molded Elastomer Grips

Swedish CNC-milled Aluminium Ferrules with steel tips

Injection Molded 100mm Elastima Powder Basket

All stocks are finished with 3 coats of pure Tung Oil

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Ski Poles Sizing Chart


110 -119cm = 80cm

120-126cm = 85cm

127-133cm = 90cm

134- 140cm = 95cm

141-147cm = 100cm

148-154cm = 105cm

155-161cm = 110cm

162-168cm = 115cm

169-175cm = 120cm

176-182cm = 125cm

183-189cm = 130cm

190-196cm = 135cm

197cm+ = 140cm

Alternately multiply your height in cms by 0.7 to get the approximate stock length. Eg. 170cms x 0.7 = 120cms.