Why Bamboo Poles?

If you’ve skied for any number of years, you’ve probably bent a pole or two,… it’s just what happens with aluminium stocks: fall on them, they kink. Once they’re bent, they stay that way. We treat them as disposable items and the storerooms of ski lodges around the globe are littered with the remains of old ski poles.

Bamboo ski poles are 25% stronger than aluminium stocks and comparable to carbon composite fibre ski poles. However, in situations where aluminium would kink, and carbon composite will snap… bamboo stocks simply flex and straighten, undamaged and ready to ski on.

Bamboo is truly a wonder product. Acre for acre it is produces more than three times the amount of "timber" as trees... [although strictly speaking it is a grass].

Bamboo is a highly effective carbon sink, having the ability to quickly sequestor huge amounts of carbon in biomass. It can thrive and regenerate on degraded lands, and its large scale planting is crucial to a nature-based approach to mitigate global warning.

Bamboo cultivation requires no pesticides or fertilisers. And bamboo crops have both a quick turnaround time and a high yield, making it the perfect enviro-friendly building product known to man.

The durable products that bamboo can create are able to replace timber, concrete, steel and aluminium.

If you’ve skied for any number of decades - like myself- you’ve probably noticed a gradual decline in firstly, the length of the Australian ski season, and also the decreasing snow mass and quality during those seasons. In this case, unlike most, things really were better in the old days! I grew up in Canberra in the 60s and 70s and we used to make snowmen on our front lawn. That doesn’t happen anymore. Winters are shorter, global warming is upon us.

Inconvenient truths.

Now, I’m not saying that buying a pair of bamboo stocks is going to heal the ozone layer, appease Mother Earth and bring the world into harmony, BUT: every decision we make, about every purchase we make, has a flow on effect. And it stands to reason that we need a more circular economy using recyclable products if we are to continue enjoying this planet and its finite resources.

My bamboo stocks are fully recyclable and largely biodegradable.

Choose a plant-based pole for your part in a sustainable future.

Buy with confidence, as we offer a two-year warranty on our hand-crafted stocks.

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