Touring stocks coming for Winter 2024!

Touring stocks coming for Winter 2024!

For all those backcountry alpine tourers who are after solid and dependable fixed length ski stocks,… touring range with extended ripple grips will be available for the coming season.
Having now spoken with a number of guides and retailers, it’s apparent that, convenient as they are, extendable poles have a habit of breaking at the locking points and often need costly repairs, or simply break and get binned.
In Europe and North America, alpine tourers are increasingly turning to fixed length poles for their durability ….and what could be better than a pair made from strong, flexible and renewable bamboo? I custom make mine to your measurements and have a range of 4 colours. Personalised laser etched monograms and messages are also available. 

The touring poles are currently only available if you email me directly for price and posting information.

Please check out my website, Instagram and Facebook to see the range.

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