photo of workshop showing bamboo ski poles with a range of colourful handles in the foreground

Winter Is Coming.... to the workshop

As the antipodean winter threatens us all with an impending El No-snow season, at least the Laughing Stocks workshop is seeing some action. Pre-season orders have begun and the production of the prettiest poles on the piste, is off and running.

Here's a few pics of some handcrafted sustainable winter wands. 

Each pair is custom made to the skier's preferences of length and colour. I can also add a monogram or personalised message on each cane...which can make a great gift for the skier in your life.

I've done custom etching of birthday wishes and nicknames, as well as lists of resorts skiied at around the globe. Some customers like a simple monogram... others prefer the whole pole to be tattooed. What would you choose?

Renew with Bamboo and and lets all ski like cane-iacs this season!

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